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The search for a boat is full of

expectations because it undoubtedly represents something that we could call a

"EMOTIONAL VEHICLE" through which you can escape from the daily routine and the stress that often follows.

It has to be the right boat , the one that really suits you:

Basically a tailored suit that is neither too wide nor too tight.

For this reason we aim to be consultants even before being Brokers.

Buying or selling a used boat is a path sometimes paved with uncertainties and fears related to various factors such as:

The certainty of the right price, the achievement of mutual satisfaction between the parties involved through a negotiation at times angular linked to the peripheral or logistical aspects and the certainty of having guaranteed one's rights as a buyer or seller both as regards the aspect legal and for that strictly inherent to the completion of the necessary expert practices and which precede the successful completion of each sale negotiation.

Here the figure of the Broker becomes not only useful but even necessary.

firma del contratto
Paola Finini

Fachiro Yacht , in the figure of its owner Fabrizio Fagnani since 2002, has always directed his professional path having as its main target that of lightening the psychological burden of the yachtsman who faces a choice of sale or purchase.

But Fachiro Yacht is also the certainty of a professional after-sales relationship always at the service of the yachtsman.


If you want to stay safe, play it safe.

- Fabrizio Fagnani
Maritime Broker

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