The search for a boat is filled with high expectations because it is something we can define as “an emotional vehicle” through which we can evade from the daily routine and from the stress often deriving from it. It has to be the right boat, “the one”: like a hand-made dress, nor too big neither too tight. For this reason firstly we want to be consultant rather than Broker.

Buy or sell a boat, is sometimes a way paved with a lot of uncertainties and fears for different reasons such as: the certainty of the right price, reaching a mutual satisfaction beetween seller and buyer concerned through negotiation sometimes problems related to logistic, in addition to certainty to have their rights guaranteed buyer or seller is with regard to the legal aspect of the matter relating to examinations before the successfull outcome of the negotiation. is precisely why the broker’s figure makes it not only useful but indispensable. Fachrio Yacht, in the figure of Fabrizio Fagnani since 2002, has always addressed his professional career with the main target to make lighter the psichological burden of the client who faces a choise sales or purchase. But Fachiro Yacht is also assured of a post sales professional relationship and always available. if you want to stay safe is a safe bet.

 — Fabrizio Fagnani